Korad TjHFM Matong Knock on Wood "Dagny

Dagny is imported from the Netherlands and has now passed the mentality test and exterior description to get the title "Korad". She has passed all the tests to be approved to work as a patrol dog for the home guard part of the Swedish Armed Forces where I am dog handler.

Dagny is the mother of the first litter at Kennel Kadang.

Kadang Assisting Aina "Aina"

Aina was born in the first litter at kennel Kadang and she will stay here with us. She is active and social and and I hope she will continue to develop nicely.

Photo: Lena Holm

Dogs that are no longer with me

Korad TjHFM Bushbug´s Fox´s Sleech "Doris" 090626-220426

Doris was my patrol dog for 10 years but was retired when Dagny passed all her tests to become patrol dog. She was born 2009 and we did so much together, lots of home guard exercises, searches for missing people, courses at the working dog school and competed at regional competitions for patrol dogs with good results and so much more.. She became almost 13 years although she had her whole spine full of DISH and spondylosis. In the end her back legs did not work properly so we had to take the worst decision we as dog owners must take. She was a fantastic dog and she is so much missed! 

Monstigens Red Gigolo "Gigo"

Gigo was my first australian cattle dog. He was born 1995 and became almost 14 years old. I learnt a lot from training him. I trained him in search and rescue, obedience, hearding and more. Unfortunately he did not pass the tests to become certified search and rescue dog so instead he had to settle for being a farm dog. He helped me on the farm where I lived at the time. He helped with the sheep. He once saved a lamb that had gotten stuck between some big rocks. He kept on barking at me until I finally went over to find out what he wanted and I could get the lamb free to reunite with its mother. He pulled my childen in the sleigh in the winter and he followed the horses when we went rinding.

LP1 TjHR Bourbon Bisquit "Skorpan"

Skorpan was my first dog, a small border terrier who I trained in search and rescue until she passed the tests to become certified search and rescue dog. She was born  1991 and became 13 years old. We competed a little bit in obedience and also participated in the Swedish Championships for Search and Rescue dogs together. She was a very special dog and she was the reason that several of my acquaintances bought border terriers.

Korad Bushbug´s Hooked Up "Dennis"

Dennis ended up with me a little unplanned and was with me for his first five years. He moved to his new owner, Hanna because they were a match made in heaven. They fit so fantastically well together. I still get to meet him since we live in the same town and train together sometimes.