About me and Kennel Kadang 

About me

My name is Katarina Cvek and I live in a house in the country side together with my son and my dogs. I work at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, but in my spare time, my dogs and dog training is my biggest interest. I got my first dog, a border terrier, in 1991 and since then, the dogs have have taken up a large part of my life. I bought my first Australian Cattle Dog 1995 and I have been faithful to the breed ever since. Of all the dog sports that I have tried, I have mainly enjoyed training dogs for service in the army or for search and rescue. I like to train the dogs with focus on function (tracking, searching etc). In addition, as a dog handler in the home guard, you have the opportunity to help, for example by searching for people who have gotten lost in the forest.

My first dog became certified search and rescue dog and now I have my second approved patrol dog for the home gard part of the Swedish Armed Forces. I am also a patrol dog instructor, which is something I enjoy very much. I am involved in the Swedish Australian Cattle Dog Club (SACK) and I am a member of the board.

I imported my bitch Dagny from the Matong kennel in the Netherlands 2018. I find breeding and genetics very interesting, and I have now decided to take a litter from her, which I am very excited about. 

Since I am really keen to do this by the book, I have applied for a kennel name (Kadang, a mixture of Katarina and Dagny) and I have completed the course for breeders arranged by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK).

My future plans include hopefully being able to keep a daughter after Dagny for future breeding.

My goals

The goals of my breeding is to produce healthy dogs with good mentality and functional exterior.

I would like to have regular contact with the puppy buyers and I plan to arrange meetings/training camps for my puppy buyers, hopefully together with other breeders in the future. That  way we can gather more cattle dogs for the same occasion.

I like to talk on the phone and am happy to answer questions!


I have a master of science in animal science and a PhD in animal physiology. I am patrol dog instructor and dog handler in the home guard since 10 years and have completed the breeders course arranged by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). 

Australian Cattle Dogs are fantastic training buddies, dogs that are very intelligent, easy to train and have an incredible ability to "read" their owners. Sometimes I wonder who is training who....